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In service to God, he founded God’s Embrace Ministries to assist in the formation of disciples for the Church. He along with his wife Cherrie, facilitate God’s Embrace Ministries through retreats, stand-alone formation programs in Catholic Spirituality and an Institute to form Spiritual Directors.  Along with the formation programs, Dr. Fonseca has written Living in God’s Embrace and Loving in the Masters’ Footsteps.

The mission of God’s Embrace Ministries is to motivate Catholic faithful into becoming ardent disciples of Jesus Christ, by offering them a comprehensive school of prayer and spiritual formation through participation in small group meetings and retreats. In this manner, his ministry seeks to accelerate theattendee’s appreciation of their Catholic faith and Church, leading to a deeper personal relationship with the Blessed Trinity, and devoted service to God’s covenant family in parish and diocesan communities.

In today’s world, it is easy to be overcome by the darkness that seems to be everywhere. God’s Embrace Ministries founders, Michael and Cherrie Fonseca decided that rather than curse the darkness, they would instead light candles. Those candles are you and me. Each one of us desires a strong and lasting flame that shines bright and scatters the darkness of doubt. God’s Embrace desires to help everyone develop an intimate relationship with God and others, which in turn will keep your candleshining brightly.

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