I Am Your Constant

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EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES! This book is for all creeds and all ages (young adults and up), regardless of whether you believe in God or not. We are all sinners. We have all made many mistakes in our lives that we deeply regret. BUT HOPE ABOUNDS! The “will of God” is that all His created souls be saved, but the reality of life is that far too many souls are lost forever because they reject any belief in God and His gift of life and do not understand what faith means to their eternal salvation. The journey through life is often difficult. You need to know you are loved, unconditionally. You need to know you are forgiven. You need to know your RESPONSIBILITIES. Take a journey through I AM YOUR CONSTANT and discover!


3 reviews for I Am Your Constant

  1. Bill Lochner

    The best thing I have read

  2. Mike carlin

    Haven’t received it yet but know it is good just like it’s author. Nice to see an old friend looking after all of us!
    Thank you Dick

  3. rich

    Great book. Easy to read. A real gem. A back to the basics approach to get us back on track and realize what is really important in life.

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